Webring Enthusiasts of the Fediverse

What is this?

This is a collection of fediverse profiles, optionally verified by their owners.

Inspired by old-school webrings, you can wander through the collection to discover new denizens in the fediverse!

Who manages this ring?

Les Orchard, resident of hackers.town, editor-at-large of lmorchard.com

How do I join?

Get a hold of whomever manages the ring and ask nicely. It's a very manual process right now, all hand-crafted and artisanal. (We copy and paste your address into a CSV file.)

How does it work?

The manager of this ring maintains a list of fediverse profile addresses.

From that list, a web site is generated, with a page devoted to each profile in the list.

From each of these pages, you can navigate to discover other profiles in order or at random.

When a fediverse profile links to their page in the ring, they appear as verified by the ring.

If my profile is in the ring, how can I get verified?

Add a link to your page in the ring to your fediverse profile metadata.

Every page in the ring has a link back to the original profile using the rel="me" attribute.

How do I create my own ring?

Get a copy of this software and run it. Easiest way is to remix it on Glitch. More options may be available in the future.

Where can I get my own copy of this software?

Visit the GitHub repository, here:

Who built the software that generates this web site?

Les Orchard, resident of hackers.town, editor-at-large of lmorchard.com